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Rare Designer @pepe_designer

Rare Labs is an agency dedicated to nft digital art design. is founded by the OG artist of the crypto community Rare Designer. This agency intends to offer the design / illustration service for clients who seek seriousness and commitment in the final product.

Rare Designer is one of the original creators of art for Rare Pepe’s a cultural phenomenon which has seduced the crypto and NFT world at large.

Rare Designer is an Artist born in Venezuela, dedicated to drawing from an early age, with 15 years of experience in this field. In 2017 from a very hard crisis in his country, under a famine, he decided to find ways to take advantage of his talent, however it was not until a foreigner of French origin decided to offer him an opportunity, but said payment would be in bitcoin. Not having many alternatives, this young artist accepted the proposal, becoming one of the early artists of the Rare Pepe project calling himself "Pepe Designer". Later he would participate in other projects based on crypto art, becoming a Rare Designer.


Two ingenious and talented indivuals who struck gold with the help of an amazing community whom we love.



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